Compatible or Generic Toner and Inkjet Cartridges

Compatible or Generic Toner and Inkjet Cartridges

Compatible or Generic Toner and Inkjet Cartridges

Compatible means that the cartridge will work with the specified equipment even though it is not made by the manufacturer of the equipment in question.

In most cases this situation exists when the manufacturer of the original equipment does not have a patent on the design of the supplies or that patent expired. As with generic prescriptions, this allows manufacturers of generic supplies to make brand new compatible or generic cartridges.

Examples of these are many ribbons for dot matrix printers, many Epson ink cartridges as well as many Canon ink cartridges. In our highly competitive and ever changing market, there are companies that will label remanufactured cartridges as compatible.

It is hard to tell in all cases, but as a guide, here is a list of products where you can expect compatible or generic supplies to be available: copier toner, printer ribbons, fax ribbons and film, Epson and Canon inkjet cartridges. Most HP, Lexmark, Canon, and Xerox laser toner cartridges can only be remanufactured.

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