Taking care of your laser printer

Whether you’re planning to buy Laser Printer or already have on, INK4U, will assist you with our top four helpful tips on how to take care of your laser printer to enable you to get the most out of it:

  1. Read the Manual and Know More About Your Printer – This is a must. you want to use your printer properly, have less trouble in setting up or learning about its functions, take some time to read the manual. Learn and take note of the important things like its parts, its main functions and menus. Just get the important stuffs so you can easily be acquainted to your printer and how to operate it.
  2. Clean Your HP LaserJet Printer –Your Printer needs to be clean every now and then. I would suggest you ask for a technician to help you, but if you want to do it yourself, read articles online on how to clean it properly. Interior parts such as its corona wires, toner guard, paper-feed rollers and fan vent should always be included since they are likely to affect your printer’s performance when they are not cleaned and dusty. VERY IMPORTANT: You should turn off  your printer for at least an hour before cleaning it, since the printer uses heat, cleaning it while it’s on or the moment you have just turned it off will likely cause you to get burn.
  3. Never Leave Your Printer Low on Toner –We all want to save money. That’s why when our printer is still printing even though it keeps pestering us that its low on toner, we just ignore it. Please take note that once it started to deliver light printouts, it is best to replace your toner cartridges as soon as possible. By keeping on printing, it might cause some damage to your LaserJet printer and cause trouble on it performance. It is wise to always keep one or two extra toner cartridges in stock.
  4. Maintenance is a Must – If you want your printer to last longer, make sure to have your printer serviced at least once a year by a technician, and replace the parts that are worn out. (Rollers and separation pads that frequently wear out in printers)  In some cases you may not want to repair your printer since newer models keep popping up and some gets so cheap that it seems best to buy a new model. Just keep in mind the cost of the new toners when purchasing a newer model. INK4U is your ONE STOP shop for all your printer and printer related products. Our products are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction and requirements. INK4U make use of courier services and we deliver country wide for prices as low as R95 vat included.
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