Why is Ink 4 U ideal for you

Ink 4 U cc supplies original cartridges and specialise in the re-manufacturing of toner ink cartridges and offer many related products such as printers, stationery, and computer consumables.

Their targeted customers range through almost every category and age group depending on whether the individual makes use of a printer or needs a specific product that they may have on offer.

Ink 4 U cc offer extremely low prices compared to any other competitors. Ink 4 U cc are situated between Pretoria and Hartbeespoort dam and are therefore easily accessible and can be competitive in both areas such as Rosslyn and Brits.

The upside to having an Ink 4 U cc in near proximity to the University of Pretoria itself means that not all of your customers will be working individuals or even businesses but also that of students who make use of printing throughout their duration of studies and they will always be looking for the lowest prices on offer for ink cartridges which Ink 4 U cc can match.

Ink 4 U cc’s main focus is on the factor of recycling and not harming the environment by re-manufacturing most of their products and therefore not letting any of it go to waste. Their other main priority is their clients and keeping them all satisfied, even if it means going the extra mile, no matter the costs involved.

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